33.12 - Physical Therapist Management of the Golfer

Course Description

This monograph covers the physical therapist’s role in working with golfers of all skill levels. It discusses the biomechanics of the golf swing, golf-specific epidemiology, the most common injuries the physical therapist can expect to encounter when working with the golfer, and evidence-based treatment techniques to address those injuries. The monograph includes a discussion on the physical examination of the golfer. It also reviews the latest methods related to improving performance on the golf course and, finally, ways to mitigate the risk of injury while playing golf. Several photos and videos of the golf swing, examination procedures, and golf-specific interventions are included to enhance the reader’s experience. Three real patient examples are presented, each involving a different body region and representing a specific condition commonly seen amongst the golfing population. The first is a 27-year-old professional golfer complaining of low back pain. The second is a 32-year-old professional golfer complaining of pain in his left hip. The last case involves a 19-year-old high-level collegiate golfer complaining of pain in his right shoulder. Each case will include the key history/interview information, examination findings, interventions, and outcomes to guide clinical reasoning and decision-making processes.

Course Overview

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Contact Hours: 5 contact hours

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Physical Therapist Management of the Golfer

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Course Objectives

  1. Discuss the epidemiology of golfing injuries and the physical therapist's role in the evaluation and management of golfers.
  2. Recognize the terminology required to communicate effectively about the performance and rehabilitation of golfers.
  3. Identify the basic biomechanical components of the golf swing.
  4. Describe the most common injuries found in golfers, including their underlying causes and contributing factors.
  5. Identify the most important components of the physical examination of the golfer.
  6. Develop effective treatment programs to address the most common golf-related musculoskeletal injuries.
  7. Develop effective golf fitness programs to enhance performance on the golf course and reduce the risk of injury.

Topics and Authors

Physical Therapist Management of the Golfer
Jason Stodelle, MSPT, ATC, OCS