33.11 - Rehabilitation, Return to Sport, and Injury Prevention for Swimmers

Course Description

This monograph discusses the current research on swimming, including injury risk factors, incidence and prevalence, and rehabilitation. It details the 4 strokes of swimming and their biomechanics, pathomechanics, and common injuries and compensatory patterns most prevalent in competitive swimmers. This monograph then proposes an approach to swimming rehabilitation for all ages and experience levels based on the understood phases of rehabilitation and criteria for return to full training and, ultimately, competition. Based on the proposed rehabilitation with consideration for swimming volume, individualized training regimen, and specialization, the monograph structures injury prevention and a return-to-sport process to be used by swimming programs from recreational youth and Masters to competitive university and elite levels. Five case studies are presented, each emphasizing appropriate patient care and clinical reasoning. The first case is an 18-year-old collegiate swimmer complaining of shoulder pain with numbness and tingling radiating into the hand. The second is a 15-year-old female club swimmer complaining of right medial knee pain. The third is a 50-year-old Masters swimmer complaining of sharp right shoulder pain after diving into the pool. The fourth is a 30-year-old female open-water swimmer reporting left shoulder pain after a 10-mile race. The fifth is a 32-year-old male recreational swimmer with low back pain that began 2 weeks earlier during a butterfly set.

Course Overview

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Contact Hours: 5 contact hours

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Rehabilitation, Return to Sport, and Injury Prevention for Swimmers

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Course Objectives

  1. Describe injury patterns in the swimming population, including potential risk factors and predictors of injury.
  2. Implement typical biomechanical principles associated with each swimming stroke to analyze normal and abnormal movement. ·
  3. Recognize common injuries associated with various swimming stroke patterns and the implications for management.
  4. Use available instruments to determine the psychological readiness of a swimmer attempting to return to sport.
  5. Design an individualized treatment plan using a construct-based activity progression in the rehabilitation and performance enhancement of the swimming population.
  6. Recognize key concepts relevant to screening and injury prevention in swimmers.

Topics and Authors

  • Rehabilitation, Return to Sport, and Injury Prevention for Swimmers
    Samantha R. Hegedus, PT, DPT, OCS, USAT Level 1 Coach; Eric Hegedus, PT, DPT, PhD, MHSc; Kristen McKnight, PT, DPT; Alexis Wright, PT, DPT, PhD, OCS, FAAOMPT