PASIG Resource Page

PASIG Resource Page

The Performing Arts Special Interest Group (PASIG) has compiled information that may be useful in understanding technical aspects of various performing arts, evaluating and treating performing artists, and managing performing artists rehabilitation.

Common Injuries

  1. Dance
  2. Figure Skating
  3. Gymnastics
  4. Instrumental Musicians
  5. Vocalists
  6. Circus Performers/Aerialists/Pole Dance
  7. Musical Theater
  8. Other

Additional Resources

PASIG Members work with a wide variety of performing artists at many levels--including professional, elite, and amateur performers, students, and performing arts coaches and educators. The following links may be useful to you in providing resources for your patients regarding health and wellness promotion, as well as finding opportunities to learn more about advocacy for performing arts health. The second group of links offer avenues for performers to seek funding/financial support, which is often a significant concern for performers in seeking care for their injuries.

Performing Arts Resource Pages:

Funding Sources for Performing Artists