CPGs Under Revision

Development of a CPG

CPG Topic Nomination Form

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CPG Flowchart

Stages of Clinical Practice Guideline Development

  1. Topic Selected
  2. Initial Draft in Development
  3. Initial Draft Reviewed and Edited by Coordinator
  4. Author Review and Approval of Coordinator Edits
  5. Place Draft on orthopt.org to Disseminate and Solicit Feedback
  6. Draft in Review by Content Experts
  7. Authors Incorporating Content Expert Comments
  8. Content Expert Draft Review by Coordinator
  9. Place Updated Draft on orthopt.org to Disseminate and Solicit Feedback
  10. Draft in Review by Stakeholder Reviewers
  11. Authors Incorporating Stakeholder Reviewer Comments
  12. Stakeholder Reviewer Comments Review by Coordinator
  13. Draft in Review by JOSPT Editors
  14. JOSPT Editor Draft to Authors for Change Requests or Approval
  15. Final Draft to JOSPT
  16. Authors Review of Proofs
  17. Publication in JOSPT
  18. Submission for National Guidelines Clearinghouse Acceptance