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HPWEC Chair:

Howell Tapley, PT, PhD, OCS


The mission of the Health Promotion and Wellness Engagement Community (HPWEC) is to enhance health promotion and wellness practice among orthopaedic physical therapy professionals. The HPWEC will provide a forum through which individuals having this common interest may participate in events that foster and promote excellence through education, clinical practice, research and community engagement.


  1. Develop, disseminate and apply evidence-based strategies for the inclusion of health and wellness assessment and consultation with an episode of care as part of physical therapy management for individuals with musculoskeletal conditions
  2. Promote population-based health promotion strategies and community outreach among orthopaedic physical therapy professionals
  3. Provide standards for entry-level physical therapy education programs regarding the management of health and wellness among individuals with musculoskeletal conditions.
  4. Encourage and foster research related to health and wellness in physical therapist practice.
  5. Provide a forum that enhances interdisciplinary communication between orthopaedic physical therapists and other health care professionals to promote health and wellness through education, clinical practice, research and community engagement activities.