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April 2024 OPTP Now Available

In addition to our regular articles, check out the following articles in this issue of OPTP:

In This Issue

  • Clinical Applications of Thoracic Spine and Ribcage Joint Mobilization to Regain Shoulder Range of Motion in a Patient with Shoulder Osteoarthritis: A Case Report
    • Angela Wilson Pennisi
  • Limitations in Current Deep Vein Thromboembolism Screening in Ruling Out Post-operative DVT After Achilles Tendon Repair: A Resident’s Case Report
    • Rachel N. Beilfuss, Bondurant Hall, Jeffrey O’Laughlin, Sara McAuliffe, Michael T. Gross
  • Do Physical Therapists Use Recommended Patient-Centered Communication Skills in Outpatient Settings?
    • Jeff Houck, Sally Gildehaus, Frederick Wang, Dan Kang, Chris Hoekstra
  • Treating Post-Acute Sequelae of SARS-CoV-2 in a Professional Modern Dancer Using Manual Therapy: A Case Report
    • Marissa Schaeffer, Jennie Harary
  • Utilization of the AOPT 2012 Low Back Pain Clinical Practice Guidelines and the 2021 Low Back Pain Clinical Practice Guidelines Revision
    • Carolyn Galleher, Elizabeth Salem, Justin Stewart

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